The (hidden) energy burden in low-income households

Dumbarton Bridge with Bay Area skyline

Hello after another long hiatus!

Slightly moving away from topics covering Asia, over the course of the last year and a half, I’ve had the unique opportunity of shaping and growing a new initiative at a local sustainability nonprofit. Through fits and starts associated with growing pains of any fledgling organization, the Net Positive Bay Area became a robust initiative that sparked collaborative community action in areas of water, energy and carbon, and we were successful in introducing, educating and incorporating sustainability measures into the business planning and operations of tech companies seeking to expand their corporate campuses, including Google, LinkedIn (updated) and Facebook (updated), among others.

One of the projects of Net Positive Bay Area focused on alleviating high energy costs that can financially cripple low-income households. By partnering with local solar companies, we looked to provide free or cheap solar installations to offset the financial burdens imposed by significant energy costs, and sought to improve communities and livelihoods in low-income areas. In the Bay Area where rising housing costs and affordability is constantly in the news, our affordable solar installation project targeted the disadvantaged communities of East Palo Alto, nestled in what can be called the greatest technology corridor of the world. My team wrote a few pieces to provide some background to the energy burden issue and the City of East Palo Alto, and I thought some of the sections would be appropriate to cross-post to this blog given my heavy involvement with writing/editing the actual pieces.

Full articles can be read here, under “Articles”. In the meantime, I will post some sections in upcoming posts. Cheers!



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