Inaugural post

Here we are… the first post.

I’ll freely admit that I’m no great writer, nor do ideas flow to me as naturally as many of the extremely talented and prolific writers out there. However, after spending so much time devouring blog after blog (also a necessary pursuit if you’re a student of authoritarian regimes), I found the idea of starting my own blog rather intriguing. No guarantees if I’ll be any good at it, but here’s at least to trying!

A quick introduction: I am an Asia “enthusiast”. I use this term in the most benign sense, as I have lived, worked, studied, and traveled throughout East and Southeast Asia. As a result, I immensely enjoy keeping abreast of current news and analysis concerning the entire region, though I often find myself seeking greater depths of understanding or alternate perspectives over simple news coverage. I suppose in the age of Internet and news punditry, the speed and quantity of half-baked news are the most important aspects of news reporting. But using this new pulpit, I’d like to fill these gaps by highlighting the cross-sections of society and culture that don’t get a lot of attention as newsworthy items, as they are often shared issues that bind the region of Asia as a whole.

It’s ambitious, but I’m excited for this new project. I’m brimming with a number of ideas, so I hope you find my views amusing or worth reading to say the least.

Et voilà… so it starts!



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