Ideas, more ideas, and then some

I’ve been mulling about potential blog topics, and jotted down a few ideas in no particular order. You’ll see that I’ll cover topics concerning China, Japan, and Singapore in general, but there are plenty other things on my mind:

My, how things have changed since 1570!

My, how things have changed since 1570!

On China:

  • China’s new leadership and future direction
  • Hong Kong’s mainland maternity woes
  • Government transparency via environment and food safety issues
  • Mainland investors overheating foreign real estate markets (ie. Bay Area, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong)

On Japan:

  • Japan’s hi-tech start-ups and the Nordic model
  • Nationalism and neo-conservative hawks in Japanese politics
  • Government lack of crisis-management skills

On Southeast Asia:

  • Singapore’s GDP vs GNP discrepancy
  • Criminal investigations in Singapore and a death of an American expat
  • Indonesia’s transportation gridlock and infrastructure issues

Misc topics:

  • Importance of “freedom” of speech vs “correctness” of speech
    • Non-democratic regimes and American satire
    • Japanese revisionist textbooks
    • Hu Shuli: Caijing –> Caixin transition
    • China’s censorship regime and importance of grassroots journalism
  • Culinary utensils and transmission of Asian culture

These topics are ideas for now and may just be wishful thinking, but comments or suggestions are always welcome!


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